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The Family from One End Street

This is the story of everyday life in the big, happy Ruggles family who live in the small town of Otwell. The father is a dustman and the mother a washerwoman, but because they are poor the children find even greater opportunities for adventure in their ordinary lives. Theres practical Lily Rose, the oldest who is full of Big Ideas, then Kate who is plain but extremely bright, next are the twins James and John, who get into all kinds of mischief, followed by Jo, who loves films, little Peg and finally baby William.

The Family from One End Street has a lively family setting, is full of wonderfully funny adventures and sure characterisation – a truly classic book awarded the Carnegie Medal as the best childrens book of 1937.

Perfect for fans of Enid Blyton ƒ?? classic tales of adventure, friendship, families and fun.

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