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The Four Friends & The Musical Donkey

Audio read-along books for children based on the ancient South Asian Panchatantra and Jataka stories, precursors to Aesops fables. The narration by renowned South Asian actors in English is highly entertaining. The books are illustrated with cuddly characters in vibrant colors. Children can sing along with the jungle music. Several songs are presented in a world music format, concluding with a key take home message. A glossary of key words and pronunciations, special background information and a learning guide accompanies each title. Produced by Sky Music (India), a corporation led by educators and musicians trained in special education and world music.
The two stories are:
The Four Friends – Hear the story of four unusual friends – Hiran the deer, Kachu the tortoise, Eli the mole and Megha the crow. When first Hiran is caught by a hunter, and then Kachu is captured, all the friends work together to free their mates. Although normally these four animals would not be together, here they are fast friends and help one another in times of need. The Musical Donkey – Join Karadi the bear as he tells the story of Dhondu the donkey. Learn that false pride can land you in big trouble. Dhondu, while eating merrily in the cucumber patch, decides to sing at the top of his voice and despite Juno the jackals warning, the villagers hear the awful sound and come armed with sticks and stones.
Two full colour soft bound 24-page books, one 48-minute audio tape, lyrics to the songs, and a special learning insert. Narrated by Saeed Jaffrey.

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