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The guy next door

This is not a story but an attempt to explain adolescence through the eyes of an average boy who is a student of std. tenth. Raj- our main character, is in love with Riya, beautiful enough to grab the heart of our hero, studying in the same class and is amongst the top scorers of the class.
Throughout the story Raj tries different means to win her or more rightly, to be worthy of her. In his struggle he is helped by his friends- Aki, Sunny and Shikha and as good friendship unveils they do have loads of fun together.
Its not all about love and about being friends, its also about a relationship of a boy with his parents, as also with his teachers during this phase of life when everything looks so unclear and so very mean.
The innocent love, Raj experiences for his very own princess, Riya, is best explained in Rajs own words as the tale proceeds.
So the question is, did Raj get anything out of it? Well, let Raj disclose his secret!!!

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