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The Haunting Hour: Chills in the Dead of Night

Ten terrifying tales that will haunt you forever…
“Some stories are too terrifying to tell,” says R.L. Stine. “They are the ones that live in the darkest corners of my mind. The ones that give me chills in the dead of night. The ones that I must tell you now ƒ??ƒ?? or they will haunt me forever!”
Read the spineƒ??chilling story of a babyƒ??sitter who loves evil tricks…the terrifying tale of a boy who dared to lie down in an ancient mummy case…the frightful story of two boys just dying to have the scariest Halloween ever…
Are you ready for these scares and more? R.L. Stine, the #1 bestƒ??selling childrens author of all time, presents ten new stories that will give you chills in the dead of night and turn any hour into The Haunting Hour!

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