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The last testament

As his nation descends into chaos, an Iraqi boy loots an ancient clay tablet from a long-forgotten vault in the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities–unaware that his actions could ignite the war to end all wars.

Years later, on the eve of a historic Israeli-Palestinian peace accord, bodyguards for Israels prime minister gun down a possible assassin–and discover a blood-stained note clutched in the dead mans hand.

With Middle Eastern tensions rapidly reaching the boiling point–in the wake of a frightening wave of seemingly random revenge killings–Maggie Costello is sent by Washington to try to keep the peace. A government negotiator with old sins to atone for, she immediately comes face-to-face with ancient secrets, extremist violence, and sudden, inexplicable death. For Maggie seems to hold the key to the last unsolved riddle of the Bible–a shocking revelation that could end the worlds most bitter conflict . . . or leave the earth in ruins.

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