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The Mystic Eye

This is a book for the thirsty.And emphatically not a book for the faint hearted.In a series of far-reaching exploratory conversations,Sadhguru a living master and mystic of our times touches on every conceivable question that seeker might nurse about the realm of the mystical.Questions about enlightenment,liberation,death,God and the afterlife.Also those niggling but ostensibly trifling questions that so many wonder about,but are hesitant to ask about spirits,disembodied beings,,black magic,possession and occult.And in a riveting culmination to the book,Sadhguru unfolds the story of his life s mission,a saga of extraordinary commitement and courage that spans three lifetimes.The result is the Dhyanalinga,the dream of countless yogis down the centuries a unique energy form which sows the seed of liberation in all who visit it. This is a book to treasure.It offers an unpreecendented glimpse into the world of a contemporary mystic,a prestigious living archive of knowledge.In the course of his discussions,Sadhguru probes the farthest realms of illogic,and yet his unfailingly rational and matter of fact tone lends credibility to the more fanatic aspects of the content.The result is a unique perspective on a world you knew or thought you knew.Refracted through the mystic eye a lens of exceptional insight and piercing clarity it is a world transformed.A world that reminds you that there are indeed many more things on heaven and earth…that are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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