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The Night Before Christmas

Tƒ??was the night before Christmas, and all through the houseƒ??for decades families have gathered together to read Clement C. Moores eternally enchanting holiday poem. And now thereƒ??s a magical new version to ring in the season with joy. Featuring beautiful original illustrations by award-winning artist Tom Browning, this stunning edition of The Night Before Christmas?ÿstands apart from the rest. Browning, regarded in the gift industry as Americaƒ??s premiere Santa painter, has created a classically styled Saint Nickƒ??the quintessential round, jolly, white-bearded figure that that everyone, young and old, imagines. The look is timeless, traditional, filled with warmth and sentiment: exactly what Christmas should be. The storyƒ??s enduring charm and Browningƒ??s memorable art make ?ÿThe?ÿNight Before Christmas?ÿa must-have for any child who is just discovering the tale–and every adult who has loved it forever.

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