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We are not in Pakistan

Sixteen-year-old Kathleen believes her family would be normal if not for her Pakistani grandmother. Olena, a Ukrainian woman now living in Moscow, discovers that her husbands new posting will draw her dangerously close to her disapproving mother-in-law. Fletcher, a Lhasa Apso, finds himself in the middle of a game between his mistress and her commitment-phobic boyfriend. Tania tries to transform herself from an exotic dancer into the wife her doctor-husband wants. Dr. Karanbir Singh receives an e-mail from someone who professes to be the child of his 1980s green-card marriage.

Eliciting amusement, curiosity, wonder and the sadness for a post 9/11 world, Shauna Singh Baldwin lures us toward a world where everything and everyone is displaced, exploring along the way, our complex human responses to technology, art and most of all, our fellow humans.

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