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Wedding Night

Wedding Night, published in 2013, revolves around two sisters. Lottie, the younger one, is romantic and impulsive, whereas her older sister, Fliss, is much more practical. The book starts off with Lottie and her longterm boyfriend, Richard, in a fancy restaurant in London. She is certain that he is about to propose to her. However, his question is about a foreign trip instead of being about their wedding. Lottie is devastated and breaks up with Richard.

Suddenly, after fifteen years, she meets her old boyfriend Ben. They used to date as teenagers, and had decided that if both of them were single at 30, they would marry each other. Ben reminds Lottie of the pact, and she readily agrees to getting married. The two of them donƒ??t go on any dates and donƒ??t even have an engagement. They simply walk down the aisle and become husband and wife. All their friends and relatives are shocked to learn about this sudden rebound wedding.

Lottie and Ben fly off on their honeymoon to the Greek Islands, where they had first met each other. Benƒ??s friend Lorcan and Fliss both realize that this marriage would end in disaster, and it is up to them to end it. Fliss, having gone through marriage, motherhood, and now a divorce, wants to stop her sister from making similar mistakes. The two of them make elaborate plans and follow the newly wed couple to their honeymoon destination. The only way to get this wedding annulled is to ensure that Ben and Lottie do not consummate their marriage.

The different characters of Wedding Night are unique and delightful. This novel is lighthearted and engaging.

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