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Writing Your Thesis

The material is very accessible and it is surely one of the best of the genre -?ÿNurse Researcher
`This book will undoubtedly benefit anyone whatever stage they are with their work. Despite my bookshelf having several books devoted to writing a PhD, I would happily trade them for this book -?ÿScott Buckler, Institute of Education, University of Worcester
`The book covers its subject thoroughly and comprehensively. It uses simple language, is easy to read and the advice is good. Just about anything a student would want to know about writing a thesis is discussed -?ÿDouglas Newton, Professor of Education, University of Newcastle
This book is designed to help postgraduate and research students with the process, preparation, writing and examination of their theses. Many students are able to design their programme of research and to collect the data, but they can find it more difficult to transform their data into a thesis.
Using his extensive experience as a successful thesis supervisor, the author outlines: the purpose of the thesis and what it should achieve; strategies for organizing your work as you write your thesis; how to the incorporate a theoretical perspective; sound techniques of academic writing; how to benefit from your supervisors experience; what to do about publishing preliminary findings; and tips on preparing for the oral examination.
This book is essential reading for students who are completing theses on taught Masters programmes, M.Phil. and Ph.D. students and for those working on the newer taught doctoral programmes.

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