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Anne McAllister

The Santorini Bride

Billionaire Theo Savas didnt need marriage. Hed been there, done that and he wasnt doing it again. Not that it stopped nearly every single woman on the planet trying. Theo wanted space, maybe even a bit of celibacy. So he was furious when hed just got himself settled in an isolated house on a Greek […]

The Return of Antonides

Widow Holly Hallorans fresh start is only a plane ride away. Until Lukas Antonides – the man she hates but has never been able to forget – strides arrogantly back into her life. . . Lukas was her late husbands best friend and he openly disapproved of Holly. Then one unforgettable night their acrimony ricocheted […]

The Antonides Marriage Deal

Greek magnate Elias Antonides has single-handedly regained his familys fortune. So when his father gambles away a vital share hes furious! Elias now has a new business partner…stunning heiress Tallie Savas. Tallies eager to prove herself, but she hasnt counted on Elias being so sexy. Elias has underestimated Tallie, and now wonders if he can […]