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Catherine Spencer

Winter Roses

Mills and Boon

The Italian Billionaires Christmas Miracle

Hed bargained on a bride, but not on a baby! Arlene Russell may be naive and vulnerable, but shes more than a match for arrogant Italian Domenico Silvaggio dAvalos. Arlene refuses to become Domenicos mistress. Though her business is in trouble, she wont be bought! But Domenico is determined to make Arlene his convenient bride. […]

Sicilian Millionaire, Bought Bride

orinne Mallory knows little of Raffaello Orsini, other than that hes super-rich and darkly handsome. When Raffaello offers marriage for the sake of his children, Corinne rejects his outrageous proposalƒ??until a financial crisis drives her to the altar with the fiery Sicilian. Once in Sicily, Raffaello makes it quite clear he doesnt expect a marriage […]