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George Eliot

The Mill on the Floss

Rebellious and affectionate, Maggie Tulliover is always in trouble. Recalling her own experiences as a girl, George Eliot describes Maggies turbulent childhood with a sympathetic engagement that makes the early chapters of The Mill on the Floss among the most immediately attractive she ever wrote.

Adam Bede

The seemingly peaceful country village of Hayslope is the setting for this ambitious first novel by George Eliot, which paints a powerful portrait of rural life, seduction, faith, and redemption.

Silas Marner

Enduring Literature Illuminated by Practical Scholarship A young orphan transforms the life of a lonely, embittered man in this novel about faith and society set in nineteenth-century rural England. Each Enriched Classic Edition includes: – A concise introduction that gives readers important background information – A chronology of the authors life and work – A […]