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Jack Higgins

The Wolf at the Door

On Long Island, a trusted operative for the president nudges his boat up to a pier, when a man materializes out of the rain and shoots him. In London, General Charles Ferguson, adviser to the prime minister, approaches his car on a side street, when there is a flash and the car explodes. In New […]


Argentina has set in motion an invasion of the Falkland Islands, and the British fleet is poised to meet and repulse the attack. The wild card is the Exocet–the enemy, close to acquiring the deadly French missile, will soon be capable of smashing British defenses–and throwing the global balance of power into chaos.

A Fine Night for Dying

Following the success of the repackaged and retitled Higgins classic The Bormann Testament, we continue the action with Special Agent Paul Chavasse. Now his investigation into the murder of a gangland boss uncovers a deadly conspiracy that reaches throughout the world and leads to the doors of some very ruthless and powerful men-and they arent […]

Without Mercy

“In Jack Higginss acclaimed bestseller Dark Justice, intelligence operative Sean Dillon and his colleagues in Britain and the United States beat back a terrible enemy, but at an equally terrible cost. One of them was shot, another run down in the street. Both were expected to survive – but only one of them does.” As […]

The Killing Ground

The master of suspense returns, with a chilling novel of modern terrorism and revenge. For intelligence operative Sean Dillon, it begins with a routine passport check. But the events it will lead to will be as bloody as any he has ever known. The man he stops at Heathrow Airport is Caspar Rashid, born and […]

Day of Reckoning

A death in Brooklyn sends reverberations around the world in Jack Higginss thrilling new adventure. Higginss novels of honor, bravery, and irresistible intrigue delight millions of readers every year, but few of his books pack the sheer narrative power of Day of Reckoning. “Katherine Johnson was a couple of feet under dark green water. Her […]

The khufra Run

Freelance flyer Jack Nelson makes a living peddling his talents to the highest bidder…and now he has a chance to pull off the heist of a lifetime. There are millions in sunken treasure for the taking in a go-for-broke caper tailor-made for Nelsonƒ??and all he has to do to collect the loot is live through […]

Pay the Devil

Master storyteller Jack Higgins displays all his customary skills in a heart-pounding adventure with a less familiar setting ƒ?? 19th-century rural ireland ƒ?? and featuring a swashbuckling new hero. At the end of the American Civil War, Confederate Colonel Clay Fitzgerald escapes to Ireland, where his uncle has left him an estate, only to find […]

Sure Fire

For twins Rich and Jade, their lives have just been turned upside down. When their mother is tragically killed in a car crash, their long-lost father, John Chance, appears to collect them at the funeral. Heƒ??s a bachelor who lives on his own, and itƒ??s clear that Rich and Jade arenƒ??t welcome. But when Chance […]