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Jackie Collins

Confessions of a Wild Child

Confessions of a Wild Child takes you on trip and navigates the teenage years of a wild child who will eventually rule an empire. Lucky Santangelo is a powerful and charismatic woman. But how did she become the woman she is today? Many people have asked, and in Confessions of a Wild Child we discover […]

Lethal Seduction (English)

here have been many imitators, but only Jackie Collins can tell you what really goes on in the fastest lane of all. From Beverly Hills bedrooms to a raunchy prowl along the streets of Hollywood; from glittering rock parties and concerts to stretch limos and the mansions of the power brokers — Jackie Collins chronicles […]

Dangerous Kiss

Shes the seductively beautiful, street-smart star of four Jackie Collins blockbusters. Shes the survivor who fought for everything she has: fame and power in Hollywood and happiness in marriage. Shes the strong, exciting woman who dares to take chancesƒ??and always wins. Shes Lucky Santangelo, and shes back in Jackie Collins scintillating New York Times bestseller […]

Rock Star

Rock Star” blows the lid off the hard-driving lifestyles of todays music superstars. Kris Phoneix – the legendary and wildly sexy guitar hero. Bobby Mondella – black soul superstar with a past. Rafaella – an exotically beautiful girl who comes between them with a vengeance. “Rock Star” takes you on a dangerous trip through the […]


Movie star, Lara, can have any man she wants. How can small-time actor, Joey, convince her that she wants him? Lara is to star in Nikkis film – Nikki is the new wife of Laras ex-husband. Its a risky project, and when Nikkis 15-year-old daughter, Summer, arrives, the trouble really starts.

Married Lovers

Cameron Paradise, a stunningly beautiful twenty-four-year-old personal trainer, flees Hawaii and her champion-surfer husband, Gregg, in the middle of one of his abusive tirades and makes her way to L.A. Tall, blond, with a body to die for, it doesnt take Cameron long to find a job at an exclusive private fitness club where she […]

American Star

Jackie Collins American Star is a love story for the nineties. At its heart are two extraordinary lovers, separated by tragic circumstances, yearning for each other, yet seemingly never able to be together again. Nick and Lauren can never forget each other. Teenage small-town lovers — he from the wrong side of the tracks, she […]