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James Hadley Chase

Trusted Like The Fox


The sleazy jungle of lamp-lit streets, faded hotel lobbies and souless freeways is the setting for a menagerie of typically brash Hadley Chase characters: all-metal blondes that weaken the resistance, merciless thugs and third-rate double-crossers, in this collection of hard-boiled stories by the thriller master. Fast-paced and crackling with wit, this classic anthology shows why […]

Mission to Sienna

For years the world-wide operations of a mysterious and ruthless extortioner who called himslef the Tortoise had baffled Scotland Yard and the police forces of Europe. But, slippery though he was, he was no match for the fast-thinking, fast-acting Don Micklem, a wealthy, American who got on the Tortoises trail and tracked him to his […]

Strictly for Cash

Lay Her Among the Lilies

No Orchids For Miss Blandish

Chases first novel, set in and around Kansas City, was exceedingly popular when it first came out. Based on Ma Barkers gang, and inspired by Faulkners Sanctuary: Miss Blandish – innocent, exquisite, vulnerable heiress – is kidnapped by a gang of ruthless hoods whove never tried big-time crime. Foiled by their own vicious ineptitude and […]

Hit and Run

Lucille Aitkin was the kind of woman who encouraged men to run around after her and most men were more than happy to do so – so why did she suddenly want to learn to drive rather than being chauffer-driven in style? And why was Chester Scotts Cadillac covered with bloodstains on the wrong side? […]

Just A Matter Of Time

Even for a redhead, Helen Dester was a wild- shed driven one guy to drink and made another jump out of a top floor window… Glyn Nash realized that to tangle with her would be dangerous. But he had no option if he wanted to get a share in the three quarters of a million […]

Miss Shumway Waves A Wand

How come a New York reporter like Ross Millan was combing half Mexico looking for old man Shumways missing daughter? Millan had asked himself the question a dozen times-and when he found her, he asked himself a whole lot more questions. For the shapely blonde hed seen in the photograph turned out to be a […]


Joey Luck and his beautiful daughter Cindy were ace shoplifters and pickpockets. But Cindy had bigger ideas. When they were joined by Vin Pinna, expert thief and thug on the run from Miami, prospects improved. But kidnapping ex-movie star Don Elliot wasnt such a good idea-until he made the trio a quartet in crime. The […]