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Jon Krakauer

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Everest Disaster

Jon Krakauers Into Thin Air is the true story of a 24-hour period on Everest, when members of three separate expeditions were caught in a storm and faced a battle against hurricane-force winds, exposure, and the effects of altitude, which ended in the worst single-season death toll in the peaks history. In March 1996, Outside […]

Into the Wild (Paperback)

“God, he was a smart kid…” So why did Christopher McCandless trade a bright future–a college education, material comfort, uncommon ability and charm–for death by starvation in an abandoned bus in the woods of Alaska? This is the question that Jon Krakauers book tries to answer. While it doesntƒ??cannotƒ??answer the question with certainty, Into the […]