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Louisa May Alcott

Little Men

Follows the adventures of Jo March and her husband Professor Bhaer as they try to make their school for boys a happy, comfortable, and stimulating place.

Good Wives

Time has brought changes to the March household — home of the girls Jo, Amy, Beth and Meg, introduced in Louisa May Alcotts classic novelLittle Women. Having returned safely from war, Mr. March has become a trusted and beloved minister in the local parish. Home, too, is young John Brooke, whose plans for a shared […]

Little Women (paperback)

In picturesque nineteenth-century New England, tomboyish Jo, beautiful Meg, fragile Beth, and romantic Amy come of age while their father is off to war.

Jos Boys Jos Boys

All nice and warm for a July day, but received with delight nevertheless. Ted and Josie immediately dressed up, learned the war-whoop, and proceeded to astonish their friends by a series of skirmishes about the house and grounds, with tomahawks and bows and arrows, till weariness produced a lull.