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Miranda Lee

Contract With Consequences

Last year Scarlet King was a blushing bride-to-be, but now shes alone and longs for a baby more than anything. Shes determined to prove she doesnt need a man! Successful, spine-tinglingly gorgeous John Mitchell has desired Scarlet for years, and offers her a tempting solution to her problem. John reminds Scarlet what shes been missing, […]

The Italians Ruthless Seduction

What his billions cant buy. . . If Sergio Morelli wants something, he has only to click his fingers to get it. Except for Bella Cameron. No matter how much his stunning stepsister once drove him wild with lust he never allowed himself to have her, believing she was a gold-digger like her mother. Now, […]

Facing up to Fatherhood (Mills & Boon )

“Im not the babys father!” When a beautiful brunette wheeled a baby carriage into Dominic Hunters office, he knew he could not have forgotten making love to her! But Tina was convinced that Dominic was Bonnies father even if he did insist on denying paternity and she was determined to make this heartless seducer face […]

The Billionaire Bosss Forbidden Mistress

When Jason Pollack bought out Beville Holdings, he had plans for its beautiful blond receptionist. But the infamously ruthless tycoon soon discovered that his wealth and power didnt impress Leah Johanssen. She was the first woman in a long time who didnt want to chase him down the aisle! Leahs refusal of Jasons advances made […]

The Guardians Forbidden Mistress

He couldnt resist her innocence… Nick Coleman was one of Sydneys most eligible billionaires. Love em and leave em–that was Nicks mantra. But he couldnt do that to Sarah; he had promised he would act as her guardian and protect her. Yet he wanted her, badly…. Sarah was soon to claim her inheritance. Shed be […]

Mills & Boon The Man Every woman Wants