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Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations With God Book 3

The Conversations With God series came to be written as a result of the authorƒ??s experiences in trying to communicate with God during a low point in his life. When Neale Donald Walsch decided to write an angry letter to God about why his life wasnƒ??t working out, he did not expect God to give […]

Conversations With God Book 1

Suppose you could ask God the most puzzling questions about existence ƒ?? questions about love and faith, life and death, god and evil. Supposed God provided clear, understandable answers. It happened to Neale Donald Walsch. It can happen to you. You are about to have a conversations … Walsch was experiencing a low point in […]

Conversations with God (Book Two)

Neale Donald Walschs introduction to Conversations with God (CWG), Book 1, the first book of the CWG trilogy, Mr. Walsch was told that Book 2 “would deal with more global topics of geopolitical and metaphysical life on the planet, and the challenges now facing the world.” And yet there is even more in this Book […]