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Nick Arnold

Horrible Science – The Fearsome Fight For Flight

Deadly Diseases

Its science with the squishy bits left in! What happened when a nurse drank diarrhoea? Why does deadly cholera make your skin turn blue? Which scientist used eyeballs as food for bacteria? Get the awful answers in “Deadly Diseases”.

Fatal Forces (Arnold, Nick. Horrible Science.)

Learn about the scientists who discovered “Smashing Speed”, “Gruesome Gravity”, and “Facts about Friction”. Tons of interesting facts about the forces of nature are packed into this latest installment in the Horrible Science series.

Horrible Science: Chemical Chaos

What makes a stink bomb stink? Why arent glass eyes made of glass? Bubbling over with chaotic chemistry facts, this book also reveals the secrets of some very strange scientists, offers experiments to try at home, and much more.