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Nick Hornby

How to be Good (Penguin Street Art)

How to Be Good (Paperback)

In Nick Hornbys How to Be Good, Katie Carr is certainly trying to be. Thats why she became a GP. Thats why she cares about Third World debt and homelessness, and struggles to raise her children with a conscience. Its also why she puts up with her husband David, the self-styled Angriest Man in Holloway. […]

A Long Way Down (Paperback)

The exhilarating New York Times bestseller from the author of High Fidelity, About a Boy, and How to Be Good. In his eagerly awaited fourth novel, New York Times-bestselling author Nick Hornby mines the hearts and psyches of four lost souls who connect just when theyve reached the end of the line. Meet Martin, JJ, […]

About a Boy (Paperback)

Nick Hornbys second bestselling novel is about sex, manliness and fatherhood. Will is thirty-six, comfortable and child-free. And hes discovered a brilliant new way of meeting women – through single-parent groups. Marcus is twelve and a little bitnerdish: hes got the kind of mother who made him listen to Joni Mitchell rather than Nirvana. Perhaps […]

High Fidelity (Paperback)

It has been said often enough that baby boomers are a television generation, but the very funny novel High Fidelity reminds that in a way they are the record-album generation as well. This funny novel is obsessed with music; Hornbys narrator is an early-thirtysomething English guy who runs a London record store. He sells albums […]