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Preeti Shenoy

The Secret Wish List (English)

The Secret Wish List is a riveting story about the protagonist Diksha, who at the tender age of 16 lives the life of a typical carefree teenager. She juggles school work and fun, amidst schoolgirl crushes on boys including Ankit, and gossip and girl talk with her best friend. However, one day, an innocent crush […]

The One You Cannot Have (English)

Aman once thought he had found love. His relationship with Shruti could only be the substance of dreams. Yet the dream lay shattered when Shruti told him they were done. Distraught, Aman left India in hopes of drowning his love in his career. Shruti moved on, marrying Rishabh. Returning to India to start anew, Aman […]

Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake (English)

Tea For Two And A Piece Of Cake features Nisha as the protagonist. She is portrayed by Shenoy as a woman who feels plain, imperfect, and plump, and as a woman in whom no male would take interest in. Life throws a loop one day when she loses her job, which she valued more than […]

Life Is What You Make It

How would you react if destiny shook the entire world around you and set you on a new path? What if it would put you in a place, which would change your entire course of life? The question is, would you run, fight or would you gladly accept life? Sprawled across the early 80s, Life […]

34 Bubblegums and Candies

It Happens for a Reason (English)

Vipasha is a young, beautiful and single 18-year-old, who gives up a promising career in modeling to have her baby. She ends up cutting ties with her family and the father of her child, Ankush. Sixteen years later, Vipasha is well settled in life with two unusual careers ƒ?? she owns a dog boarding facility […]