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Salt and Sawdust

A delightful new collection of stories and essays, some never published before, by Indias greatest living novelist. ƒ??Salt and Sawdust, the title story, is a witty portrayal of a wife who cannot tell the difference between salt and sawdust (when it comes to seasoning food), leaving her husband with no option but to cook himself. […]

The Vendor Of Sweets

Waiting For The Mahatma

Waiting For The Mahatma is set in the fictional town of Malgudi. It follows the story of its leading characters, Sriram and Bharati, amidst turbulent events taking place during the period 1939 to 1947 in Indiaƒ??s struggle for freedom, that saw a great upsurge in nationalism and culminated with the partitioning of India. Sriram, a […]

Malgudi Adventures: Classic Tales For Children

This book narrates the many adventures from the unforgettable South Indian town of Malgudi. This compilation includes tales like Margayya and Balu, The Navaratri Adventure, Natarajƒ??s Predicament, A Tiger in the School, and The Train Comes to Malgudi. Other short tales in this book include An Afternoon With Mr. Sampath, A Tryst at the Temple, […]

The Indian Epics Retold the Ramayana the Mahabharata Gods Demons and Others

One of India s finest novelists retells the two great Indian epics as well as some well-known tales from Hindu mythology and folklore. While the eleventh century Tamil poet Kamban s version inspires his Ramayana, Narayan s Mahabharata is based on Vyasa s monumental work. In Gods, Demons and Others, he includes stories from Kalidasa […]

Malgudi Landscapes

The best of a lifetimes work-novels, short stories, essays, travel pieces and short non-fiction-of one of the worlds finest writers comes together in Malgudi Landscapes. Skilfully edited and introduced by S. Krishnan, this selection brings Malgudi, the enchanting little South Indian town that R.K. Narayan created, to glorious and colourful life.

Laugh with Laxman

The other side of R.K. Laxman For decades now, R.K. Laxmanƒ??s cartoons, nestled in a corner of the front page of the newspaper and ridiculing the import of the very news items they are surrounded by, have delighted millions of readers every morning. These cartoons, featuring the trademark figure of the Common Man and collected […]