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Richard Gordon

Doctor on the Boil

In Doctor on the Boil, Richard Gordons prescription in as effervescent and hilariously stimulating as ever. The work-shy Dr Grimsdyke is still at St Swithans – the same as ever despite the world having moved on around him. Nurses are hitching up their skirts in the name of fashion and the dean is almost certain […]

Doctor on Toast

In this riotously funny comedy Dr Grimsdykes genius for disaster is given full rein. He falls in love with a model, only to find she is already married. His much-anticipated cruise is an unmitigated disaster and his role as Sir Lancelots biographer leads them both into misadventure in the extreme. And then there is the […]

Doctor in the Nude

Doctor on the Ball

First there is the actor who confuses himself with his character. Then comes the man suffering from amnesia…and the housewife who has spent all day wrestling with her washing machine. This is all in a days work for the local GP in a Kentish town. Yet having done this for twenty-five years Richard Gordon could […]

Doctor in Love

In this hilarious romantic comedy, Richard Gordon awakes one morning with a headache. It takes him a while to realise he is ill – after all he is a doctor! Dr Pennyworth diagnoses jaundice and prescribes a spell in hospital. But amongst the bedpans and injections on Honesty ward, Richard falls in love – with […]

Doctor and Son

Recovering from the realisation that his honeymoon was not quite as he had anticipated, Simon Sparrow can at least look forward to a life of tranquillity and order as a respectable homeowner with a new wife. But that was before his old friend Dr Grimsdyke took to using their home as a place of refuge […]

Surgeon At Arms

Surgeon at Arms continues the story of the much-admired surgeon, Graham Trevose, who first appeared in The Facemaker. As the Second World War breaks out and begins to yield its countless casualties, Trevose uses his skills as a plastic surgeon to rebuild burned faces and damaged limbs. For this, his grateful patients name him The […]