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Susan Andersen

Head Over Heels

Who said “you cant go home again”? In Veronica Daviss case, whod want to—especially when you hail from Fossil, Washington? But now shes back among the good-ol boys who think shes fair game just because shes in a waitress uniform. The truth is, Veronicas the boss—at least until she can sell the family saloon and […]

Getting Lucky

The remarkable Susan Andersen is back with another winning read filled with passion, humor, and delectable suspense — LUCKY YOU! Lily Morrisette wants roots, respect, her own business, and independence. So what is she doing on a road trip with a good-looking marine whos carrying her into the heart of serious peril? It started out […]

Coming Undone

On the Steal the Thunder tour, the real shows offstage Its supposed to be the biggest summer of Priscilla Jayne Morgans life. Shes on the brink of country music superstardom, yet she had to fire her crooked-manager Mama, and the tabloids are having a field day. Now her record labels hired a watchdog to escort […]

Cutting Loose

Jane thinks nothing can make her lose her cool But the princess of propriety blows a gasket the night she meets the contractor restoring the Wolcott mansion. Devlin Kavanaghs rugged sex appeal may buckle her knees, but the man is out of control! Jane had to deal with theatrics growing upƒ??she wont tolerate them in […]

Bending the Rules

Tall, dark and intense, Detective Jason de Sanges excites all kinds of fantasies in Poppy Calloway. But when she suggests the three teens caught spray-painting a Seattle neighborhood be given art-related community service and he just wants to see them payƒ??all bets are off. With the men in his family always in and out of […]