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Terry Goodkind

Faith of the Fallen

SOUL OF THE FIRE saw the political machinations that have dogged the midlands reach new heights, as the Chimes ran free and threatened magic everywhere. As the novel ended, Kahlan has narrowly avoided death and now she and Richard Rahl, the Seeker, must strive again to save the world from the resurgent armies of the […]

Debt of Bones

Available for the first time in paperback and in a specially priced edition. Set in the world of The Sword of Truth, this classic by the New York Times bestselling author is an extraordinary tale of the power of love and courage in a world desperate for both.

Blood of the Fold (Sword of Truth, #3)

An Epic of Two WorldsIn a world as rich and real as our own, Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell stand against the ancient forces which besiege the New World– forces so terrible that when last they threatened, they could only be withstood by sealing off the Old World from whence they came. Now the barrier […]

Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth, #4)

Book Four of The Sword of Truth, the series first begun in Wizards First Rule, returns listeners to the world of Richard Cypher, a simple woods guide who never dreamed he would be named the Seeker of Truth and become caught up in magic, war, and dangers so extraordinary that the fate of his entire […]

Wizards First Rule (Sword of Truth, #1)

The masterpiece that started The New York Times bestselling epic Sword of Truth. In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father, a mysterious woman, Kahlan Amnell, appears in Richard Cyphers forest sanctuary seeking help . . . and more. His world, his very beliefs, are shattered when ancient debts come due with thundering […]

Stone of Tears (Sword of Truth, #2)

Kirkus called Wizards First Rule, Book One of The Sword of Truth, “a wonderfully creative, seamless, and stirring epic fantasy debut.” Piers Anthony lauded it as “a phenomenal fantasy, endlessly inventive, that surely marks the commencement of one of the major careers in the genre. It starts in early and keeps hitting you with new […]