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All Things Bright and Beautiful

Incorporates?ÿLet Sleeping Vets Lie?ÿand?ÿVet in Harness.?ÿ

“A very warm, very engaging read. . . . The reader falls totally under his spell.”?ÿ
–Associated Press?ÿ

The second volume in the multimillion copy bestselling series

Millions of readers have delighted in the wonderful storytelling and everyday miracles of James Herriot in the over thirty years since his delightful animal stories were first introduced to the world.

Now in a new edition for the first time in a decade,?ÿAll Things Bright and Beautiful?ÿis the beloved sequel to Herriots first collection,?ÿAll Creatures Great and Small, and picks up as Herriot, now newly married, journeys among the remote hillside farms and valley towns of the Yorkshire Dales, caring for their inhabitants—both two- and four-legged. Throughout, Herriots deep compassion, humor, and love of life shine out as we laugh, cry, and delight in his portraits of his many, varied animal patients and their equally varied owners.

“Humor, realism, sensitivity, earthiness; animals comic and tragic; and people droll, pathetic, courageous, eccentric—all of whom he views with the same gentle compassion and a lively sense of the sad, the ridiculous, and the admirable.”
–Columbus Dispatch

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