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Britney: The Unauthorized Biography of Britney Spears

Having amassed a fortune of over $100 million and record sales of forty million at the age of twenty-two, Britney Spears is the worlds biggest female star. This is the first biography to chronicle how the little girl, with a crucifix in each ear, has become the ultimate in tabloid fodder. Britney will follow her roller coaster life from her time on the Mickey Mouse Club, where she first met Justin Timberlake, to the moment she shot to fame and became the all-American pop princess. Somehow it all fell apartscarred by her break-up with Timberlake, roundly booed at the London premiere of her first film, the downward spiral culminated with her infamous fifty-five-hour Las Vegas marriage. Speculating on what an uncertain future holds for Mrs. Federline-Spears, Britney will be a gossipy and revealing biography of one of the most fascinating figures in pop.

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