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Lifespan Investing : Building the Best Portfolio for Every Stage of Your Life

The wisest investors dont waste time trying to capitalize on current market trends for short-term gains; rather, they focus on making their wealth grow over a lifetime.

In Lifespan Investing, veteran trader Clifford Pistolese reveals a long-term investment strategy designed to maximize the amount of wealth you will accumulate over the course of your life. Based on investment portfolios that deal with traditional stock market cycles, his age-based investment management plan shows you how to take full advantage of the market opportunities that will allow you to build truly outstanding profits.

Drawing upon his vast experience, Pistolese shows you how to perform the research needed to find and evaluate potential investments. He provides the tools you need to:

ƒ?›Set your financial objective for retirement and select investments to meet your goals
ƒ?›Identify the current market phase-one of the keys to investing successfully
ƒ?›Know when to buy, how long to hold, and when to sell
ƒ?›Rebalance your portfolio to make it appropriate for each stage in your life
ƒ?›Multiply your assets over your lifetime

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