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Star of Africa (Ben Hope)

To possess it he will pay in blood.

Where ex-SAS major Ben Hope goes, trouble always followsƒ??
Ben Hope is trained to identify danger. So when he finds out that someone very important to him is working on a US container ship in the treacherous seas off the East African coast, he fears the worst.
Within days the ship is hijacked by pirates. Taking matters into his own hands, Ben embarks upon the most daring rescue mission of his careerƒ?? Because this is no ordinary hostage situation.
There is something on board the ship thatƒ??s more precious than life itself ƒ?? and a bloodthirsty tyrant will kill to possess it.
As events spiral out of control, Ben Hopeƒ??s skill and resourcefulness will be tested like never before. Ben would die to protect those close to him, but in a hostile environment, against ruthless warriors, even the ultimate sacrifice might not be enoughƒ??
**The first part of a sensational new two-book sequence that will be the biggest and most epic Ben Hope adventure yet!**
Ben Hope is one of the most celebrated action adventure heroes in British fiction and Scott Mariani is the author of numerous bestsellers. Join the ever-growing legion of readers who get breathless with anticipation when the countdown to the new Ben Hope thriller beginsƒ??

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