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While My Pretty One Sleeps (Mass Market Paperback)

Neeve Kearny may be the only person in New York worried about the disappearance of Ethel Lambston. Ethel, a bestselling author famous for her juicy expos??s, is one of the best customers at Neeves exclusive Madison Avenue boutique. But Ethels ex-husband, her parasitical nephew, and the fashion moguls skewered in her latest article all have reason to be glad shes no longer around.

When Ethel Lambston is found with her throat cut, Neeves memories of her mothers long-unsolved murder loom up once again. Now as an innocent witness in the Lambston investigation, Neeve is drawn into a new nightmare…a sinister labyrinth of greed and ambition that will lead her into mortal danger…

A stunning tale of murder, glamour and romance, While My Pretty One Sleeps is the most exciting novel yet from Mary Higgins Clark, Americas undisputed master of suspense.

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